Easy way
to make
things work

Cloud-based maintenance management
software (CMMS) for your company
Planny24 is designed for small and medium-sized businesses engaged in technical operation
of various
For manufacturing companies
Managing industrial facilities
For operators of energy facilities, data centers, sea and river vessels
Equipment rental and field service
For leasing and service companies, fleets, and repair shops
Operation of residential and commercial
For management companies and enterprises in the housing and utilities sector
The service is designed to replace paper logs and Excel spreadsheets when accounting for the state of assets and planning maintenance of equipment

Planny24 is a simple solution for those who are just thinking about implementing a MRO management system in the enterprise

Planny24 Functions
We automate the main tasks of operation, maintenance and repair management (MRO)

all your data
in one place
Describe the equipment you are working with. Link it to location sites, people, or organizations. Upload photos, instructions, and videos of disassembly and repair so that everything is at hand.
We will collect its service history and provide stats.

your finger on
the pulse
Record the state of the equipment, its operating time, and meter readings. Record downtime and its causes. Take photos of defects and shoot videos with their elimination.

Create the necessary spare parts inventory
Make a list of spare parts for a specific piece of equipment or the entire fleet. Record your write-offs and receipts, and we'll calculate the balance and average expense for the period. And we'll tell you how much more you need to buy.

quickly to
Record incoming requests and track their closing. Assign tasks and watch their progress. Accept applications from your clients through an external web portal.

on schedule
instead of repairing
Create rules that we will use to remind you to do MRO work and link them to the equipment. Rules can be based on time patterns or an operating time values.

We also have a calendar for planning urgent repairs and work on requests.


and fix them
The more information in the system - the more opportunities to find patterns and optimize processes.
Planny24 builds reports for the required periods and sections (sites, equipment, personnel, tasks, money, etc.).
Advantages of Planny24
Hosting data in the cloud, paying by subscription
Easy start
You don't need to install anything, just register.
Fill only the name of the equipment, add everything else later if you want.
Pay if you want
We have a completely free plan with all the basic functions. Don't pay until you're sure you really need it.
Better to see it once
Upload photos and videos of equipment, malfunctions, manuals and scanned documents.
All data in one place, accessible from everywhere.
Evolution, not revolution
Do you want to switch from urgent repairs to planned preventive ones? Set up reminders for yourself, and we'll remind you. It will become a habit over time.
Work as a team
The system has two roles — administrator and user.
The administrator invites users to join and manages their access rights.
Planny24 supports
import from and export to popular XLS/CSV formats.
Easy way to start using a system or to save your data.

Launch in 2023

Our service will open for free registration
in early 2023

Access to the platform's functionality
will be opened gradually, after the development and testing of functional blocks is completed.
Software demo
The product is under development, the video does not reflect the final functionality and may contain errors
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Pay only for the necessary features.
Once a month or once a year.
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1 user
0 $
All basic functions:
  • Equipment catalog
  • SPTA
  • Tasks
  • Calendar
  • Equip. limit: 50 pcs
  • SPTA. limit: 50 pcs
  • Disk limit: 100 Mb
Q1 2023
1 user
All Free functions +
  • Locations
  • Schedule
  • Reports/Logs
  • Technical support
  • Equip. limit: 500 pcs
  • SPTA. limit: 500 pcs
  • Disk limit: 1 Gb
Q1 2023
Up to 5 users
All Pro functions +
  • People & Teams
  • Checklists
  • Mobile app
  • Equip. limit: ∞
SPTA. limit: ∞
  • Disk limit: 5 Gb
Q2 2023
Up to 50 users
All Team functions +
  • Web-portal for requests
  • QR-codes & NFC tags
  • Geolocation services
  • MQTT
  • Equip. limit: ∞
SPTA. limit: ∞
  • Disk limit: 50 Gb
Q3 2023
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Planny24 Enterprise
All data on your server
When you deploy Planny24 on enterprise hardware, you get full control over your data

If you purchase a license for the Planny24 Enterprise version from us, you will be able to install, operate, and store software databases on enterprise servers. We will provide the necessary assistance in deploying and configuring the local version, as well as provide platform updates during the technical support period.

More users

There are no restrictions on the number of users
More space

There are no restrictions on the amount of data stored
More style

Ability to introduce corporate identity elements

Integration with enterprise systems and smart appliances

About the developer

Planny24 CMMS software is being developed by SeaProject JSC, IT company based in St. Petersburg, Russia.

SeaProject JSC has been operating in the local market of maintenance management systems for more than 20 years, the company is the author of the well-known Russian MRO management system Seascape.

Planny24 is our new solution for small and medium-sized enterprises interested in simple and inexpensive tools for maintenance management.
Any questions?
Sales Department:
Email: info@planny24.ru
Telegram: @Planny24
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